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Danu Skincare

A truly natural and organic skincare line for your whole body

Hello Beautiful,

I’m here to help you nourish your skin…What do I mean by ‘nourish’?

To keep alive, maintain, and feed your skin with products that protect, hydrate, and make it happy. To nourish your skin, I want to give you what’s necessary for balanced health and growth. I have learned when it comes to the health and beauty of our skin, we need to start putting products on our skin that are free from the harsh chemicals that many commercial products contain.

So I thought, why not look to what is already around us from our earth? Nature provides us with so many wonderful restorative resources. I use these resources and ingredients so that they can benefit not only your skin but the overall health of your whole body.

If you wouldn’t consume something that damages your body, why would you put it on your skin? You deserve more than a bottle of chemicals. Treat yourself to something truly rejuvenating and nourishing. Access our specials by entering your name & email address on the form to the right.  

I’m thrilled to be helping you have beautiful and healthy skin while you age gracefully.


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Erin Massengale
Creator & Founder of Danu Skincare

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